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Green Management

Since Anchor Community Management was formed in 1998, we have always sought ways of reducing paperwork, recycling, using recycled products, and finding more environmentally conscious ways of running a business and managing communities. 

Saving Paper (and Trees)

Our paper, envelopes and office supplies have recycled content whenever possible, even though it costs a little more we insist on it.

We scan and save communications in pdf form in our computer system, reducing the amount of paper used, recycling or reusing what isnít needed, and making it easier to access our archives.

Our faxes are printed on the back side of previously used paper.

Our webpage has many forms that owners can download, so they donít need to be printed and mailed.

We offer sending large mailings via email instead of regular mail at no charge.  When we send state mandated mailings such as the annual budget or financial review which can be up to 15 or more pages long, we can potentially save hundreds of pages per mailing, (and hundreds of dollars in copying and postage costs).  We frequently remind homeowners of this offering, and note the money saved in the association newsletter to encourage more owners to sign up.

We are researching the legalities of offering billing to the homeowners who request it via email.  We believe it can be done in the near future.

We maintain owner email lists which allow us to notify owners of various issues via blast emails. When board members are done with their board agendas and packages, they can return them to the manager at the meeting and she will take them back to the office and use them for scratch paper or recycle them as fax paper.

If a board requests it, we will copy the board package to front and back sides of the paper. Doing so doesnít save on copying costs, but does save on paper usage.  Board members can also request their agenda packets via email.

Our sensitive documents are contained in an in office receptacle strictly for shredding documents.  An outside bonded and insured document shredding company disposes of this material twice monthly.

Whenever possible, we make and send postcards to owners instead of letters to save money on postage and paper costs.


We seek out landscaping companies that use drought tolerant plants, and encourage existing vendors to use more drought tolerant plants and water-wise methods.

We educate and encourage associations to use drought tolerant plants in common areas and in individual yards, and more water-wise methods of watering and maintaining their yards.

We support converting existing irrigation systems to smart controllers, that sense when it is raining and turn off, and can be controlled via computer access remotely.  This saves water when it isnít needed, and also gasoline since the landscaper doesnít need to drive to the location to adjust the timers.

We encourage residents to report whenever they notice water issues, such as broken sprinklers, water in the streets, leaks in irrigation systems, etc. to cut down on water waste.

We provide utility usage spreadsheets on a regular basis, if requested so an HOA can monitor their costs. No charge.

We have worked with a company called Pacific Utility Audit, Inc. to ensure that HOAís are being billed by the utility companies at the correct rate and level. We encourage HOAís to have a utility audit performed at least once and we provide the liaison between that company and your HOA at no additional charge.


We maintain a webpage for each association at no cost to the HOA (after a one-time start-up cost of $100).  This webpage is maintained in-house, to reduce cost and allow us to post new information quickly.  Unlike other management companies, we donít require the webpage to be secure because we want tenants, realtors, appraisers and potential buyers to the communities to use it.  If you go on our website, you will see that each webpage for each Association is made especially for that HOA and highlights information just for that HOA.  We donít post the HOA documents of the Association on this page because they may be obtained from the management company on an as-needed basis. Boards may have input into what is contained on these webpages.

We do a great deal of communicating with our homeowners and Boards via email.  Many Board members have opted to receive their Board packages via email, saving a great deal of paper and postage.

Our office lighting was completely replaced by Edison to be the most energy efficient, including some motion detector lighting and overhead fixtures that use the most energy efficient bulbs.

Extras Ė Going the extra mileÖ

We look for opportunities to save; the manager will deliver Board packages personally when there is a walk-through scheduled, for instance.  This simple act can save the association a hundred or more dollars per year.

We are conscientious about making a large mailing fit on fewer pages to save copies and paper or inserting it into a smaller envelope, if at all possible to save on postage costs.





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