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Basic Homeowner Information 

Hopetown FAQ

Board Meetings: The third Monday of odd months (Jan., Mar., May, etc.), 6:30 pm, at the Old Susana Cafe, 1555 Kuehner Drive, (right  next door to Hopetown)

Next Meeting: Monday, Nov. 19

Annual Meeting: September 17 - 51% quorum not reached - see newsletter for details

Monthly Assessments: $55 (as of 11/1/2018) due on the 1st, late after the 15th.

Make sure your payments are mailed to Hopetown HOA, P.O. Box 29197, Phoenix, AZ 85038-9197. 

Pay Online!  See Links on the right.

Insurance Agent: Steve Reich Insurance, 805-379-5159.  Insurance is for common area elements only, homeowners should carry insurance on their home.

The Association recommends you employ only appropriately licensed and insured contractors.

Simi Valley Traffic Division: (805) 583-6921 to report RV’s and other parking issues.

Information on Simi Valley Neighborhood Councils: simivalley.org 

Barking dogs, complaints and tips: www.vcas.us/programs-services/nuisance-complaints



Go Paperless!  You can now receive some of the larger mailings from the Association in your inbox, rather than your mailbox.  Help us save money and a few trees - click on the Go Paperless button to the right.  The form must be signed and sent in via mail, fax or email.

Pay Online: 

You will need a current statement to sign up for Mutual of Omaha online payments. 

[management code: 3554, association code: 0000HT,

account number, example: HT1234]

Click the link above, then select the button:

"Pay by E-check"

Customer Service: 866-800-4656


Pay Online via credit card, service fees apply. 

Pay by 4:30 pm PST for same day credit.


Simi Valley Drought Information

Solutions for Conserving Water
Most of the water used in Simi Valley is for irrigation, in fact, it is about 70% of the overall use. The best chance our community has to meet these emergency water conservation mandates to reduce water use will likely be by reducing landscape irrigation. Here are some of the requirements for water use in Simi Valley:

  • Irrigate landscaping no more than three days per week (April to October), or two days per week (November to March)

  • Limit irrigation to less than 15 minutes per station per day; often 5 minutes per station is sufficient even in the hottest months (does not apply to low-flow drip irrigation or sprinklers meeting 70% efficiency standard)

  • Irrigate before 9:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m.

  • Adjust sprinklers to minimize overspray and runoff

  • Repair water leaks promptly

  • Use a broom to clean sidewalks and driveways

  • Wash your car using a self-closing nozzle

for more information: www.simivalley.org

Need ideas for your yard during the drought? 

This is a great resource:  http://www.bewaterwise.com/

Caring for trees during the drought.









Please choose from this list of drought tolerant plants, approved for Hopetown.  If you are removing your lawn or relandscaping your yard, please fill out and submit an architectural approval form (see button to the right), and include a sketch and list of plants.


Drought Tolerant Plant List



Check out this magazine article showing Hopetown in 1972!

Check out even more at the Corriganville webpage: http://www.corriganville.net/



MARCH 2010


All exterior painting must received prior written approval from the Board.  This includes “original” colors.  It also applies to garage doors, railings, shutters, front doors, stucco, trim and any other painting proposed to the exterior of the home.


Dishes may be installed on the side of the house behind the fence. Dishes may not be installed on top of the fence or on the roof or next to the chimney unless reception is impaired.  Prior written approval must be granted by Board.


Any removal of trees in front of home must first received prior written approval from the Board.  Every front yard must have a tree planted in it (trees next to home are not included in this requirement) just as a tree was planted in the front yards originally by the developer. 

Homeowners may plant another type of tree providing it is a type of tree that already exists in the Hopetown neighborhood.  There is a list of trees that exists in the neighborhood on the webpage (see drought tolerant plant list above).

Approval is not required if the tree already exists in the neighborhood.


Front doors may be changed to stained hardwood doors without prior approval.

If doors are to be painted a different color, prior written approval from the Board must be obtained.


Architectural approval must be obtained.


This is a partial list of architectural items owners may want to consider.  Please remember that changes to the exterior, including yards, must receive prior written approval from the Board.



Board Agenda

Hopetown Rules

Architectural Form

Registration Form


Go Paperless!

Newsletter Archive

Fire Department Memo: Smoke Detectors

Paint Schemes List - lists colors for both ICI/Dulux and Dunn Edwards

Paint Schemes with Photos - colors represented do not appear as they do in person, they are just provided for a general idea.  See paint store for color swatches.  Even with "preapproved" or original paint schemes, homeowners must obtain architectural approval.

Look up Dunn Edwards colors online.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download documents, which can be obtained for free on www.adobe.com   

When you print, use Adobe's print button, not the button on your browser.



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