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Shadow Oaks FAQ

Board Meetings: The third Thursday of odd months, 7:00 pm, in the clubhouse.

Next Board Meeting: Thurs., Jan. 18

Annual Meeting: March

Monthly Assessments: $371 (as of 1/1/18), due on the 1st, late after the 15th.

Special Assessment: $231.01 per month, see packet for details: Special Assessment Packet 

Make sure your payments are mailed payable to Shadow Oaks, P.O. Box 29197, Phoenix, AZ 85038-9197.

Pay online!  See links on the right side of this page.

Cost of replacement pool key: $25

Insurance Agent: Steven Segal Insurance, 818-841-0553, ext 222, for common area elements only, homeowners should carry insurance on their unit

The Association recommends you employ only appropriately licensed and insured contractors.

Trash: GI Rubbish, 522-9400, 800-675-1171

Misdirected Mail:  Post Office Consumer Affairs Department, Irwin, (661) 775-6681.

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Go Paperless! 

You can now receive some of the larger mailings from the Association in your inbox, rather than your mailbox.  Help us save money and a few trees - click on the Go Paperless button to the right.  The form must be signed and sent in via mail, fax or email.

Contact information update.  Your email address will be kept strictly private and will not be sold or shared with anyone. 

Name: must be a Shadow Oaks homeowner or registered tenant.  Unrecognized names will not be added to the list.  The registration form is downloadable on the left side of this page.

Shadow Oaks address:   (number and letter please, ie 1234G)

email address:

Home phone:

Work phone:

Cell phone:

Online Payments:


You will need information from your statement to sign up for Mutual of Omaha online payments. 

Click the link above, then select the button:

"Pay by E-check"

[management code: 3554, association code: 0000SO,

account number, example: SO1234A]


Pay Online via credit card,

service fees apply.   Pay by 4:30 pm PST for same day credit.

Common Area Repair Request


Detailed Location (please be specific, i.e. bush by certain address, etc.)



Shadow Oaks address



Please include email in case we need more information.  Anonymous requests will be disregarded as their validity cannot be determined.



Board Agenda

Shadow Oaks Rules

Architectural Form

Clubhouse Form

Online Registration

Mail In Registration

Mail In Registration


Go Paperless!

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