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Our Staff:

Our Staff consists of our office manager, Anne, our bookkeeper, Julie, association manager Carol, and owner/association manager, Colleen, provide full time management services to our homeowner associations.

All of our staff is committed to providing excellent customer service to everyone affiliated with your association.


Calling All Homeowners:

One of Anchor Community Management's policies is for all employees to return all phone calls within 24 hours (weekend, holidays excluded). Rarely will you be confronted at your board meetings with an angry homeowner accusing the manager of not returning their calls. We think your homeowners and vendors deserve a return call and it's our job to provide it!

(There are exceptions to everything and one such exception is that we won't return a call to someone who has recently been abusive to us.)

Our Affiliations:

Anchor Community Management, Inc. is a member of the local chapter of Community Associations Institute (CAI).  Colleen is currently serving on the Board of Directors of CAI.

Colleen has earned her CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations) designation.  Pursuant to Business and Professionals Code §11502, Colleen has completed the requirement which entitled her to the title of ‘certified manager’.

Our membership in CAI provides us with continuing education knowledge which we share with our associations.  Through CAI we are able to take advantage of the on-line information CAI and its legislative committees offer so that we may keep our associations current on legislative actions that may affect them.

What Do Our Services Include:

Included in our management fee for your associations will be the following items:

  • Walk throughs

  • Faxes and phone calls

  • Assistance with audit preparation

  • Pro forma budget preparation

  • Correspondence

  • 24-hour emergency response

  • Records retention

  • Monthly newsletter preparation

  • Office supplies (extra for state required annual meeting envelopes)

  • Monthly, quarterly or yearly billing of assessments

  • Legal and financial seminars

  • Welcome packages sent to new homeowners

Many management companies charge 'extra' for every little item. Our practice is to include the little things in our regular monthly fee and to save the extras for things that really are extra!


If you have an accounts receivable of higher than 5%, you may have a collections problem.  We can solve that problem for your association.

A courtesy notice is sent to homeowners who are 15 days late with their payment.  Our costs for this notice and any follow up with the homeowner are covered by the late fee paid to the association by the homeowner, we split the late fee with the association for this service.  If no response is obtained to the courtesy notice, a 'pre-lien' notice is sent via Certified Mail, notifying the homeowner of the association’s intent to lien the property, at the owner's expense.  If the debt is not settled after this notice is sent, an actual lien will be placed on the property to protect the association's interest.

At this point, we recommend assigning the account to an outside association collection service.  These services are highly effective in collecting the monies owed because they have the resources to foreclose on the property.  With our company, these services have a debt collection rate of at least 95%!

The association is charged initially for these services, but is reimbursed when the charge is passed through to the homeowner. By employing any combination or all of these procedures, we can keep your collections at an acceptable rate, and by keeping delinquent accounts down, the association has more money freed up to use as they need.


Our Vendors….or, Your Vendors?

At Anchor Community Management, we do not require that an association use the vendors we are familiar with. If your association is happy with the people who provide them service, then we are happy and we will gladly work with them!

For those associations who are looking for a new vendor, we can help. We use many types of vendors, from landscaping to construction and we are happy to share their expertise with you.


Technology and How We Use it to Assist You

At Anchor Community Management, we believe that keeping up on technology not only helps us, but it helps us better serve our clients.

We maintain the latest computer technology in our office.  We are connected with FIOS so our service is extraordinarily fast.  All of our employees have email and can connect to the Internet.  Our copy machines serve as our computer printers, which makes output much faster.  Our phone system is state of the art and can reach our on-call employee for after hours emergencies. 

Anne, our office manager can make your association a web page, which would be connected to our web site.  You can post minutes of meetings, or newsletters or any other information you want to get out to your association members!  Other than an initial set-up fee, it is a free web page!  Additionally, since our web-site is maintained in-house any changes you wish to make to your association web-page can be done immediately, with no waiting for an outside source to fit it into their schedule.

Budgets, Audits and all things Financial

As part of our monthly management fee, we will prepare a preliminary budget a few months before it must be mailed out to your homeowners.

We research the finances of your association, and from that information we compile a budget for your review.  When the budget committee meets, most of the work will already have been completed by your manager!

When it comes to audits, nothing makes an auditor crazier than working with a management company that doesn't have its ducks in order     .  If the auditor has to keep coming back to the bookkeeper or manager asking for more information, something is not quite right.

We know what the auditor wants and we provide it.  That is why we have a letter in our proposal from Gayle Cagianut, C.P.A stating that we are indeed one of the few companies who have the appropriate financial software and personnel for the management of community associations.

As our bookkeeper, Nancy prepares all the financial statements for each association including, but not limited to: balance sheets, general ledgers, income to expense reports, check reconciliations, reserve statements, and cash disbursement reports.  Your association will always receive a timely monthly accounting of its finances.  Additionally, your vendors are paid twice each month.  The checks are cut right here in our office and mailed for signature to the Treasurer or other designated signer for your association.  We are able to provide special financial preparations and requirements as your association requires.

We also know that the most important service we can provide to our clients is accurate and timely financial reporting. That is why we don't outsource it.  Your homeowners can always feel comfortable calling us about their account balances, and your board members can always feel comfortable discussing the association's finances with the manager and bookkeeper.


Consulting Services Available

Sometimes your association just doesn't need or can't afford full management services.  You may need some temporary assistance with one or two aspects of your entire community, such as handling collections or writing rules according to Civil Code.  Your volunteer Board may not be up to date on the most recent rules and statutes which they may be held accountable for.   That's where we come to the rescue!  Our consulting services can be tailored to suit your association's individual requirements and are available at the very affordable price of $65.00 per hour.  Call for a free estimate. 

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